“Every job has pros and cons but I can honestly say that here at Rand-Whitney there are far more positives vs negatives. One of the many things that I like about working here is that we have a family like environment here. As long as you’re willing to work and learn new things there is always someone willing to help you achieve that goal. Another thing I’ve learn to appreciate is the consistency of work here and what I mean by that is, no matter what I know I will be scheduled for a minimum of 84 hours bi-weekly which is great if you’ve ever worked a job with unstable hours and scheduling. They also provide great benefits and extra incentives that I have not experienced with previous employers. So far I’ve enjoyed my time here and I plan on staying and progressing in other departments. I appreciate the opportunity that RWCB has given me.”

General Helper
Rand Whitney Containerboard

“Working for Kraft Analytics Group provides me the opportunity to strategically assist our clients so they can continue to innovate in their fields. I am surrounded by co-workers who challenge me on a daily basis to push myself and we enjoy the fun content of our industry.”

Retail Planning & Strategy Manager

“Throughout my career with the stadium, I have been provided with various growth opportunities that lead me from a security manager in 2002 to the head of stadium operations in 2013. In my current position, I am able to be creative and spearhead initiatives that help move the business forward and more importantly, set it up for the future. One of the greatest takeaways from working at Gillette Stadium is the support structure and constantly evolving vision the ownership has for the business. This support and evolving vision provides growth opportunities, which I have been fortunate to be part of. As a result of the creative environment, support and strong leadership, I leave each day with a sense of accomplishment and look forward to what the next day will bring.”

Vice President of Site Operations
NPS-Gillette Stadium

“The family has created a culture of success and opportunity here that has motivated me every day since my first in 2010. The scope and scale of the business I’ve been exposed to has helped me grow professionally at a rate I never thought imaginable. The support I received from the Kraft’s and my coworkers when I deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 as an Army Reservist far exceeded even my highest expectations and is a testament to the way they treat their employees. I look forward to many more years of shared success with the organization and the remarkable team that supports it.”

Director, Global Transportation
International Forest Products

“What I enjoy most about IFP is that everyone works together. Every day you are working with other departments and coordinating with people around the world. Everyone is approachable, dedicated to getting the job done and makes sure you are prepared to do your best. IFP is committed to making sure every employee succeeds.”

Administrative Assistant
International Forest Products

“Each morning as I drive down Route One, the stadium comes into sight and I think of how lucky I am to work for the New England Patriots. It is amazing to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to giving back and helping others. The team’s success on the field is as important as the organization’s work off the field in the communities of New England. The New England Patriots have provided me with an endless opportunity to express new ideas, to be creative and grow as an individual. The ever changing daily tasks offer a wide variety of new challenges that expand my skills and make coming to work enjoyable every day.”

Director, Community Relations
Kraft Sports & Entertainment

“I have had the pleasure of working for International Forest Products for just under two years. My experience here has far exceeded the expectations of what I had imagined an office setting to be. In this company we truly function as a team. I work in an environment that facilitates constant growth for each employee, which means we have the opportunity to ask questions, come together to find solutions and receive valuable guidance from the leaders of this company. I look forward to what the future holds for International Forest Products and the exciting opportunities I will have here.”

Domestic Account Coordinator
International Forest Products

“I started working for the New England Revolution in an entry level ticket sales position in 2006. Eleven years later I have progressed to Vice President of Marketing and Community relations. I am not sure that same opportunity would be available elsewhere. The Kraft family loves to promote from within when they can and I am living proof of that. The Kraft Sports Group, and the New England Revolution, is a fast-paced, dynamic work environment where every day presents a new challenge. If you work hard, you will reap the rewards.”

VP of Marketing & Community Relations
Kraft Soccer/New England Revolution