At the Kraft Group, each employee or contributor, regardless of which position they hold, for which company they work, or in which country they operate, should be guided by the following:

Think and Act like an Owner

  • Think and act with an owner’s mentality
  • Keep it simple and innovative
  • Drive results with an intense work ethic
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Be hungry, move faster than the competition

Exercise Good Character

  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Be open to new ideas and recognize your challenges
  • If you have done your homework, don’t be afraid to respectfully disagree with management
  • Be humble and operate with an underdog mentality
  • Respect and abide by all applicable laws, policies and regulations

Be Inclusive and Respectful

  • Welcome and appreciate diversity
  • Respect and be sensitive to the environment
  • Give back to your community

Focus on our Products and Customers

  • Understand and service all needs of our customers
  • Deliver quality and excellence at all levels, with a culture of continuous improvement
  • Be brand ambassadors