Employer Awards



Postmaster General Sustainability Excellence Awards
USPS sites and RW Recycling district managers awarded in 2011 and 2012

USPS Supplier Excellence Award
Rand-Whitney Recycling: One of 10 recipients out of 25,000 USPS suppliers

USPS Supplier of the Year
Rand-Whitney Containerboard, 2004 and 2009

EPA Corporate Citizenship
For showing particular ingenuity and commitment to preserving the environment

White House Closing the Circle Award
Sole civilian recycling program recognized in the federal government in 2007

GreenCircle Award, CT Department of Environmental Protection
-Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, CT, 2013
-Rand-Whitney Recycling designed an award winning, closed-loop paper recycling program. Office paper is securely destroyed at the facility and sent to a paper mill, Pratt & Whitney, which uses the material to manufacture 100% recycled toilet paper. The facility then purchases this toilet paper from the mill. Not only is the paper recycling loop closed, but secure information is managed internally in a traceable process.


Exemplary Employer Award, Work Without Limits, 2016
TeamOps and The Kraft Group recognized for hiring individuals with disabilities and advancing workplace diversity in Massachusetts

Healthcare for Homeless Veterans, the Veterans Health Administration
Recognized for outstanding advocacy work in our employment of homeless and formerly homeless Veterans, 2016

Distinguished Employer Award, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
-Voted by the Greater Boston Employer Advisory Board to the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), 2016
-Recognized for partnership and collaboration in hiring candidates with disabilities