Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism Careers

The Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism catalyzes dynamic new solutions to stop the age-old hatred advanced by those who seek the elimination of Judaism and the Jewish people and the modern movement to destroy the world’s only Jewish State. The foundation focuses on positively impacting attitudes of young people around the world, leveraging social media to deliver educational campaigns and spur action by people of all backgrounds. Working with a network of global partners, the foundation helps drive effective rapid response to hate as well as proactive campaigns that galvanize popular support for Jews and the Jewish State. The foundation’s vision is a world where people of conscience unite to end anti-Semitism once and for all. By effectively combatting the rise of anti-Semitism, notably online and through social media, the long term goals of the foundation include creating a replicable model for fighting other forms of prejudice, racism and hate crimes.

Kraft Group Careers

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