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Paper & Packaging

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International Forest Products LLC

International Forest Products LLC (IFP) is one of the world's largest physical traders of forest products commodities. With a focus on linerboard, pulp and solid wood products, IFP has consistently ranked among the top 50 exporters in the United States (as compiled by the Journal of Commerce).

With a unique expertise in the transportation and finance elements of paper trading, the company's footprint has grown to actively doing business in over 80 countries.

IFP is headquartered in Foxboro, Massachusetts (USA) with offices in London, England; Gothenburg, Sweden; Tel Aviv, Israel; Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Moscow, Russia; Vancouver, Canada; Miami, Florida; Portland, Oregon; Albany, New York; and Santiago, Chile.


Rand–Whitney is the parent brand for The Kraft Group's paper and packaging manufacturing business. There are three distinct yet integrated operating businesses under this umbrella.

Rand–Whitney Container manufactures a full spectrum of corrugated container products from basic brown boxes to complicated die-cuts for retail display to corrugated wood and foam combinations for high-end customized protective packaging. It differentiates itself with its in-house graphics facilities, ink kitchens and design and testing labs. Further, Rand Whitney Container's proprietary web-based management information tool allows its partners to manage their relationship with RWC unlike any other packaging manufacturer.

Rand Whitney Containerboard is part of an integrated supply chain that provides Rand–Whitney's box plants with the most important raw material in its production process linerboard. Its $125-million high-performance mill in Connecticut manufactures and sells 225,000 tons of recycled linerboard every year.
In addition, it is one of the most environmentally correct paper mills in the world, manufacturing its high performance linerboard from 100% post-consumer waste fiber and 100% post-consumer waste water. It is the perfect raw material for the packaging purchaser concerned with sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging.

Rand-Whitney Recycling consists of recycling plants and the Total Waste Initiative, a national industrial recycling and solid waste management company.

The recycling plants receive, sort and bale all grades of waste paper including corrugated containers, newspapers, mixed-use office paper and various printers waste. Our state-of-the-art recycling and packaging operations provide select closed-loop recycling opportunities for your business, streamlining the reuse of your own waste material into custom packaging materials.

Rand-Whitney Recycling also provides consulting services to support new and existing recycling programs, resulting in improved efficiencies and profitability.

The Total Waste Initiative designs, builds and manages large-scale industrial recycling and solid waste programs for large corporations and government agencies. It is the rare combination of increased profitability, improved environmental stewardship and a reduced carbon footprint. In addition to handling all fiber grades, the Total Waste Initiative manages plastics, metals, wood, solid waste and a wide range of industrial byproducts.

New-Indy Containerboard

New-Indy Containerboard is a joint venture of The Kraft Group and Indianapolis-based Schwarz Partners, two privately-owned and family-operated business that have been participants in the paper and packaging industry since the 1970s. New-Indy Containerboard leverages The Kraft Group's experience in mill operations and linerboard sales with Schwarz Partners' experience as the largest open market linerboard purchaser and the country's leading sheet feeder operator. New-Indy Containerboard assets include two mills in the California cities of Ontario and Oxnard that collectively generate approximately 550,000 tons of linerboard and medium annually.

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